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Purpose of the Securing the Future project

To create a modern, fresh, and flexible interior within a medieval church building to enhance worship, to provide an open space for a variety of worship and community activities, and to display and celebrate the historical legacy of the building and its prominent place within the Town of Glastonbury. To do this, we need to

  • Install up-to-date under-floor heating and in the process create a clear, level, and stable floor.
  • Install modern glazed draught-resistant porches at the west and south entrances, allowing unobstructed views of the full length of the church.
  • Install flexible, multi-function lighting, and audio-visual facilities to support a wide variety of activities, including worship, concerts, productions, and history and heritage displays.
  • Install a modern kitchen to permit hosting proper hot meals as well as casual refreshments.
  • Refresh, enlarge, and relocate the organ to enhance choral, music, and worship events.

Project management

Committees and responsible people

  • Vicar: The Revd David MacGeoch
  • Churchwardens: Bill Wych and Joan Lewsey
  • Publicity (external): Joy Taylor, Ann Merritt, Sue Gowland, Michael Masters
  • Publicity (internal): Kay Wych, Derek Dorey, Michael Masters
  • Facebook: Kathy MacGeoch


Securing the Future -- newsletter 5

St John's wins National Lottery support

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Heritage Lottery confirms £465,500 grant

The announcement of the grant was followed within days by the official Permission to Start.

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Securing the Future — newsletter 3, Febuary 2018

headline: Heritage Lottery Fund grants ‘Round One’ permission

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Securing the Future — newsletter 2, July 2017

headline: “St John’s presentation to the town”

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Securing the Future — newsletter 1, March 2017

headline: "Restoration plans approved"

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Securing the Future — plan

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    Securing The Future

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