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Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral Support & The Prayer Healing Ministry at St John's

The Clergy are supported by members of the Congregation in visiting those in need in the parish. There is a team of Bereavement visitors and of Baptismal visitors, whilst another group has recently been formed as part of the Chaplaincy team for the West Mendip Hospital. Nursing and Residential Homes are also visited, as are individuals at home.

Healing was a major part of Jesus' ministry, and he instructed his followers to go out, preach the Good News, and heal the sick. The Church has a 2000-year-old tradition of doing this in many ways - by individual prayer, in healing services, and by founding hospitals and hospices, and providing medical and nursing care all over the world.

We continue this tradition by offering individual prayers for healing and wholeness of body, mind and spirit to anyone who desires it, believing that God intends each one of us to be fully alive and to grow into our full potential.

On Sundays after the main morning service, and on Tuesday mornings there is an opportunity to receive quiet prayer in a side chapel with two or three members of the community at St John's Church who have relevant experience and gifts; they receive training and are accountable to the clergy of the Parish. This is a ministry of listening and prayer; we do not offer advice or counselling. The service is free to everyone and strictly confidential. *

In addition, a small side chapel is set aside for private prayer and meditation whenever the church is open.

This ministry complements the pastoral ministry of the clergy. If you would like to see a priest, please ask in church or contact the Parish Office on 01458 830060.

* See Church of England House of Bishops' Guidelines for Good Practice in the Healing Ministry.

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